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What is Kiddyol ??

Is abbreviation of Kiddy Online Learning. We are part of Kid’s Club Indonesia, an educational service provider brand that has already empower teachers across Indonesia and has been teaching 12000hours++ Indonesian students offline. Kiddyol provide 4.0 fun online learning. It is not hard to engage students during our online learning since every topics and meetings are fun-guarantee and well-prepared from our experienced tutor. Kiddyol will help your child to learn using augmented reality aligned by active curriculum, project based activities, and computional thinking. Most important thing is we also have seamless and secure payment process.



  1. Enhance children’s social skills by building diverse online learning community.
  2. Learning through movement.
  3. Enhance children’s creativity, critical thinking, and computional thinking
  4. Engage students during online and after learning in a fun way


During pandemic students reportedly dropped out of school altogether between March 2020 and July 2021. In Texas, for example, two thirds of children in grade 3 tested below their grade level in math in 2021, compared to half of children in 2019. Nurture and take action for your kid now!